Cutaway Repinnable 6 Pin Euro with 30 Extra Assorted Pins

Repinnable 6 Pin Euro Cylinder with 30 Extra Pins
SKU: Repin Euro + 30

This a Repinnable 6 Pin Euro Cylinder, cut away on one side to enable you to see the shear line, where the pins line up to allow the lock to open.


Unlike a lot of training locks that are available on line, this one is made of solid brass, NOT cheap alloy or Perspex, as being sold by other sellers !


Also included are a selection of 30 Extra Pins, consisting of the following items.

12 assorted Top Pins

12 assorted Bottom Pins

6 Security Spool Pins.

Also included is a small allen key to allow you to remove the grub screws to enable you to gain access to the pins and springs.

All of the items that I sell are made in my little workshop right here in the Sherwood Forest Region of Central England.

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